S3 is Hiring IT Recruiters in Multiple Markets!


Are you a self-motivated, experienced Information Technology Recruiter interested in working for a company that demonstrates the value it places on its national customers by exceeding expectations and achieving the highest levels of customer satisfaction?  

Are you a professional IT Recruiter seeking an opportunity to work for a company with more than 25 years of consecutive growth?  

Are you a competitive IT Recruiter seeking a position with a dynamic and fast paced company that  boasts one of the most generous comp plans in the staffing industry?  

If you’re an IT Recruiter that craves daily challenges—and rewards—we want to talk to you ASAP about IT Recruiter positions we have available in Atlanta GA, Nashville TN, San Francisco CA and Hartford CT!

To learn more about these opportunities, please contact Ken Huxley, S3’s Director of Talent Acquisition, khuxley@strategicstaff.com or via phone, 210.278.3768.

S3 CEO Cindy Pasky Named One Of The Most Influential People In The Staffing Industry

S3 CEO Cindy Pasky

S3 CEO Cindy Pasky

We’re proud to share the news that our CEO and Founder, Cynthia J. Pasky, has been named to the list of 100 most influential people in the staffing industry according to Staffing Industry Analysts (SIA). It’s a high honor, and great to see that our leader and way of doing business has been recognized in such a way by our industry.

The SIA 100 is not a ranked list, but simply an aggregation of the 100 individuals who have influenced the world of contingent work.

You have to be a special kind of successful to make this important list. The process to be included is rigorous. The list typically includes leaders in these five areas of the industry:

• Entrepreneurs who have created new and lasting models
• CEOs who run large staffing companies both public and private
• Individuals who have had major impact or influence through M&A
• Leading the charge through legislative change

Here’s what SIA had to say about our CEO:

Cynthia J. Pasky set aspiring goals when she founded Strategic Staffing Solutions (S3) in 1990. Over the following years, the president and CEO transformed the startup into an international $264 million IT and business services company. S3 was named a top woman-owned business by Women’s Enterprise Magazine and a top diversity-owned business by DiversityBusiness.com. The company was also recognized as a Cool Place to Work by Crain’s Detroit Business and one of Michigan’s Economic Bright Spots by Corp! magazine. In addition to serving on numerous boards, Pasky was named 2014 Executive of the Year by the Detroit Executives Association.

Congratulations also need to go to the entire GREEN team for making this possible.

Meet S3’s Military Attraction And Assimilation Program

Strategic Staffing Solutions (S3), a $300 million IT staffing and business solutions company, is proud to have more than 40% of its 2,700 overhead staff and contractors claim veteran, military spouse, or military dependent status. As one of the nation’s leaders in contingent workforce placement, S3 established its own Military Veteran program, and knows how to mitigate the challenges employees most often face as they transition from the military into new career pathways.

We support veterans and their spouses in various ways.

At the core of our strategy is a veterans-hiring-veterans approach with the formation of our Combat Recruit Support Team. This team, formed in 2012, has created an intentional pipeline for recruiting, retaining and placing military veterans with transferrable skill sets who are uniquely positioned to meet the needs of the customers we serve.

This team has made the transition from military to civilian careers and is perfectly suited to serve and assist new military veteran applicants.

In addition to its dedicated military veteran recruiters, S3 has also launched a website, http://veterans.strategicstaff.com that offers resources for veterans, spouses and dependents, including advice on translating military experience into desired civilian job skills; a database of current job opportunities in S3; and help writing a resume. And, whether it’s supporting veterans at an event in Detroit, or sponsoring a golf tournament in San Antonio, S3 also consistently supports events that support veterans. Additionally, S3 participates in Veteran benefits information and jobs fairs across its 24 U.S. branches.

We also take every opportunity to create special messages to celebrate, honor and remember important days to the military community, including Veterans Day, Memorial Day and the Fourth of July, and we consistently highlight our veterans in the company newsletter and at company gatherings.

Examples of this recognition include the development of our book, “Together We Stand:  Strategic Staffing Solutions and America’s Veterans” (http://veterans.strategicstaff.com/veterans-stories-together-we-stand-e-book); the development of a distinctive employee pin for veterans; and providing all our employees Veterans Day as a paid holiday; and a video that highlights not only our veteran program but some of the individual military veteran employees who have contributed to S3’s success (https://player.vimeo.com/video/145305395).

As part of its ongoing efforts, S3 continues to leverage its expertise within the staffing industry to create opportunities for military veterans. As such, we share best practices and industry intelligence in national forums such as the Executive Forum during which Col. Ken Huxley, USAF Retired, and Southwest Branch Manager, presented on recruitment of military veterans. We have also created a fast tracked Military Veteran JAVA class in Plano, Texas, and enhanced our Human Resource capabilities to better track core demographics, ease the transition of military veterans into civilian work, and increase long term retention within job placements.

Establishing a “military friendly” work environment / culture isn’t difficult, but it does take some thought.  As the Department of Labor advises, “when standing up any initiative, or preparing your workplace to welcome Veterans, keep in mind that no two have the same experiences.”

That said, acquiring knowledge regarding military culture can definitely improve employers’ and co-workers’ abilities to understand, communicate and effectively interact with veterans and their families.

For simplicity, you can break veterans into two basic groups:  those who are presently in the process of transitioning out the Armed Forces, and those that who have previously transitioned from the Armed Forces and who have held at least one civilian sector position since their transition.

Employers of those veterans in the presently transitioning group especially may encounter challenges not necessarily associated with employees without military experience.  For example, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is, unfortunately, prevalent among combat veterans.  As of September 2014, there are about 2.7 million American veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, with an estimated 20 percent with PTSD and / or depression (according to a recent RAND study).   Employers should evaluate their current benefit offerings with respect to PTSD treatment options for affected employees, and ensure the company is in compliance with Title I of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and the Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act (USERRA).

Title I of the ADA, which is enforced by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), prohibits private and state and local government employers with 15 or more employees from discriminating against individuals on the basis of disability.  USERRA has requirements for reemploying veterans with and without service-connected disabilities and is enforced by the U. S. Department of Labor (DOL) and the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ).  In addition, PTSD may trigger Workman’s Comp considerations.

In addition, some newer veterans may need financial assistance or financial education, especially in cases where there’s a significant time gap between military separation and securing employment in the civilian sector.  Issues from tax changes to health insurance to a lack of emergency funds can put undue stress on the veteran employee.  Coupled with financial education, S3 offers signing bonuses, short-term pay advances, mortgage assistance, and the like can help relieve financial stresses.  In addition to the employers programs, there are a host of reputable non-profit organizations that provide financial support to veterans.

The good news is that veterans want to be part of your organization.  In a 2011 Pew survey of post-9/11 military veterans, more than half specifically cited the opportunity to learn skills they could use in the civilian workforce was an important factor in their decision to serve.   As employers, we have a great opportunity not only to help veterans achieve their goal of a successful transition to the civilian workforce, but to achieve our own in the process:  hiring the best employees possible to ensure the success of our own organizations.

Having employees who happen to be military veterans to help lead your efforts is a critical investment—they have “walked the walk,” have credibility among their veteran peers, and provide empathy in building the bridge between the military and corporate structure they now represent.

Veterans come from organizational cultures where values such as honesty, integrity, loyalty, commitment and service before self-define not only their daily lives but reflect the altruistic sacrifices associated with military service.  Accordingly, veterans will seek out companies that have similar core values or operational pillars.

For example, S3’s four operational pillars of setting the bar high for what a company should do, creating jobs, providing opportunities for people to improve their station in life, and being good community citizens thru charity and volunteerism, appeal to our military veteran and military spouse employees and applicants because our pillars reflect a familiar culture.  Too, S3’s “no door” policy creates and reinforces a “one team – one fight” environment versus a more traditional corporate organizational hierarchy/structure.

Like any other employee group, military veterans want to feel included, valued, and respected not only for who they are, but for the talent and experience they can bring to your organization.

For additional information, please feel free to reach out to our veteran program POCs:

Colonel Ken Huxley, USAF, Retired

Director, Talent Acquisition

khuxley@strategicstaff.com | 210.278.3768

Senior Master Sergeant Marvin Daugherty, USAF, Retired

Operations Officer, Central Sourcing Team

mdaugherty@strategicstaff.com | 210.278.3787


Michigan Humane Society Adopts 270 Pets To Loving Homes In 3-Day Program


There’s no place like home, especially for animals looking for new homes.

In celebration of Strategic Staffing Solutions’ 25th Anniversary, adoptions were brought to the super-affordable price of $25 per animal.

Assuming all of the pets have the standard four legs, that is 1,080 legs that found new homes thanks to the program.

Earlier this month, before the $25 program, three cats – CTO, Green Bean, and Guinness – moved into the S3 corporate offices in Detroit.

In a recent profile in Hour magazine, Matthew Pepper, CEO of the Humane Society talked about both Cindy Pasky’s and Paul Huxley’s commitment to the organization.

The couple “is really passionate about animal welfare, but they feel it is not just an animal issue, it’s a community issue,” he told Hour. “Even more is their passion for the city. Their passion permeates everyone around them. It makes everyone believe.”

The S3 Combat Recruiting Support Team Is Focused On Military Veterans Looking To Find Civilian Work


One of the biggest hurdles military veterans face upon transitioning to civilian life is finding a meaningful career. While invaluable and often highly technical, a veteran’s experience may be overlooked by civilian hiring managers unfamiliar with the military jargon that may mask the key skills and experiences they’re looking for.

We’re working hard to help military veterans make the transition from serving their country to finding rewarding work and changing their station in life her at Strategic Staffing Solutions. In fact, we have a specialized “Combat Recruiting Support Team,” a 21-person sourcing team made up almost entirely of military veterans that are uniquely suited to doing just that. Think of it as veterans helping veterans.

Although there are websites out there designed to help veterans translate their military skills into an attractive civilian resume, it helps to have someone on their side. With their vast military experience, our Combat Recruiting Support Team members can help our recruiters and hiring managers interpret the acronyms, titles, and other technical terms, and they’re trained to see those skills from a civilian’s perspective. They can translate a candidate’s military experience into the skills that a hiring manager may be looking for.

In addition, military veterans have developed those soft skills that all businesses want, those intangible qualities that are inherent to a veteran’s experience: Teamwork (to include diversity and inclusion), loyalty, integrity, respect, courtesy, organizational and leadership skills, the ability to work under pressure, and perhaps most important, veterans have the ability to triumph over adversity. Veterans know those qualities exist in other veterans based simply on their shared experience.

As our veteran hiring program matures, we’re committed to placing more. That’s why we have joined the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation’s “Hiring 500,000 Heroes” program and earned recognition as a “Military Friendly Employer” by GI Jobs magazine and as Military Spouse Friendly Employer by Military Spouse magazine and the Department of Defense Military Spouse Employment Partnership.

If you’re a transitioning veteran or a veteran looking for a new opportunity to use the skills you’ve developed during your time in the military, or a military spouse, we’d love to talk to you—visit our website at strategicstaff.com/veterans!

Supporting The Corktown Race Speaks To Our “All Green, All The Time” Culture


Happy St. Patrick’s Day! We’re very excited to be the presenting sponsor for the 30th Annual Corktown Race.

But why do we support it? It comes down to our DNA.

If you work even a day here at Strategic Staffing Solutions, you’ll quickly learn a phrase that permeates through the halls… “All Green, All The Time.”

It’s foundational to our culture, and not just for this time of year. Green has so many meanings – and so many shades. After all, it’s the color with the most visible shades. It’s a metaphor for the S3 Way. It’s the way which allows us to work together as a team, but still be individuals. In diversity is strength.

To many, green is the opposite of being in the red; green is profitable, positive, and moving forward. And, in a way that’s true, but it’s only the beginning of the story here.

Whether it’s this race, reading to kids and donating books at Bagley Elementary, Career Day at Clippert Academy, our support of Cristo Rey High School, our sponsorship of Eastern Market, or the many other initiatives we do, “All Green, All The Time” means much more than the bottom line for S3’ers. It’s a way of being.

Supporting the Corktown Race, an event that will bring more than 10,000 people to the streets of Detroit, is in line with our goal of giving back and supporting in a meaningful way the communities in which we do business. The race also helps benefit the Mounted Unit of the Detroit Police Department, which is crucial in building bridges between our men in blue and community.

The Corktown Race is a positive reminder that Detroit is relentlessly making progress forward, and should be a great time for all. So go here to learn more or sign up for the 5k yourself, and see you Sunday!

S3 Salutes Our Friends and Partners in Lithuania on the 25th Anniversary of Restoration of Independence



S3 is proud to join all our friends and partners in Lithuania in celebrating the 25th anniversary of the restoration of the country’s independence. The occasion was marked in Washington, DC this week by a meeting between U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry and Lithuanian Foreign Minister Linas Linkevicius.

Lithuania’s strategic partnership with the U.S. reflects the shared values and deep bonds between the two nations, especially in our commitment to freedom, democracy and economic opportunity. S3’s first international office opened in Lithuania more than fifteen (15) years ago, and our investments there have expanded as Lithuania has emerged as a politically stable, free-market economy, especially after becoming full members of the European Union and NATO in 2004.

Most importantly for investors and companies, Lithuania offers a wide range of highly-skilled and motivated talent in Europe. More and more global companies are discovering the well-educated workforce … in all areas of IT to finance and multi-lingual administrative roles … in Lithuania and making it part of their international footprint. For the past decade, S3 has helped clients establish and grow Shared Service Centers in Lithuania as a real alternative to traditional out-sourcing in South Asia. Plus, Lithuania is a very enjoyable place to visit and to work.

Some of the things we love about doing business in Lithuania:

  • Approximately 93% of Lithuanians have a secondary degree or other form of higher education, including leading rates of graduates in math and science in all of the European Union
  • Nearly half the population speaks at least two (2) languages – one S3 client operates a regional (Europe) financial center of excellence with employees able to conduct business in twenty-two (22) languages
  • The country has the world’s second fastest broadband, along with an sound infrastructure
  • It has low corporate tax rates and ranked #1 for competitiveness growth in the E.U.
  • The investment promotion agency, Invest Lithuania, makes it very easy to learn about and start-up a business

S3 has also expanded and deepened our commitment to Lithuania. In addition to helping more than 1,900 Lithuanians start new careers with our clients in Vilnius and Kaunas, S3 has made significant investments in business-promotion and community-related organizations to strengthen the ties between Lithuania, the U.S., and, increasingly, the United Kingdom. S3 CEO Cindy Pasky is the Founding Chair of the American-Lithuanian Business Council (ALBC), and serves on the Investor Advisory Committee of the Government of Lithuania, where she is regularly a keynote speaker. In 2014, she received the Global Lithuanian Leaders Award for 2013 from the Global Lithuanian Leaders for her involvement in investing in and promoting Lithuania. S3, with the ALBC, has been a leading advocate of labor code reform that we believe will lead to more investment and more jobs in Lithuania.

S3 is especially proud to have recruited Lithuanians to return home from more than seven (7) countries for jobs with our clients. And, S3 organizes recruitment events in different locations, from London to Los Angeles, to encourage more Lithuanians to return home for job. We are always looking for great people who are looking for new career opportunities with global companies at home in Lithuania.

Additionally, S3 has sponsored a wide range of charitable, community-building activities and organizations, including:

  • ExCel high-school exchange program that enables Lithuanian students to spend an academic year in the U.S.
  • Internships, in partnership with our clients and partners, S3 actively promotes and sponsors intern work-experience programs in Lithuania
  • In 2014, S3 sponsored the 30-member Mosaic Youth Choir of Detroit to visit Lithuania and perform in front of capacity crowds at free public concerts in Vilnius and Marijampole

S3‘s work in Lithuania is led by a dedicated (and long-serving) management team – including Country Manager Mantas Paskevicius (8 years), Vice President Jeff Nelson (8 years) and Executive Vice President Denise Kurowski (24 years) – who share Cindy Pasky’s vision and passion for creating new opportunities for all Lithuanians.

We are very proud of our strong ties to Lithuania, and we salute our brave and brilliant friends and partners in Lithuania on the 25th anniversary of the restoration of their freedom.

Meet The First Annual “Deep In The Heart of Texas” Charity Golf Tournament


Supporting communities is at the core of what we do at Strategic Staffing Solutions. With that in mind, join us at Canyon Springs Golf Club for our 1st annual “Deep in the Heart of Texas” event benefiting the Fisher House of San Antonio, SAMMinistries and the United Way of San Antonio.

The format will be a four-person scramble allowing a wide variety of skill levels (not to mention a ton of fun) all to support a important causes!

Your tournament entry fee ($125 or a deal at $450 for a foursome) includes of course your round of golf with a cart, lunch, gift bag, prizes and awards after the round, a dinner reception afterward, and a replay discount card for future golf at Canyon Springs. It’s a good deal for a great cause.

It’s on Friday, May 8th 2015 at 1:30 p.m with a shotgun start.

To register, visit by clicking here the United Way of San Antonio website here where there’s a special landing page. Feel free to get in touch with us directly at s3satgolf@strategicstaff.com or call Chad Diddens, (210) 391-9453. The deadline to register is Wednesday, April 8.

BTW – there are sponsorship opportunities available! Click here to see them and get in touch with us if you’re interested.

fisherhouselogo UW4Csamministrieslogo

We’re Proud To Report That Our Coffee Has Gone To The Dogs

S3 partnerships with Grounds And Hounds

If you’ve ever spent a day at Strategic Staffing Solutions, you know we love our coffee … and if you look on the desks of our team members or at our well-loved pet planner, you know we love animals.

With that in mind, we will increase our ongoing support for the Michigan Humane Society through a new partnership with Grounds & Hounds Coffee Co. (G&H). Recently chosen as the exclusive coffee supplier to S3’s Corporate and Detroit offices, G&H will direct 20 percent of S3’s monthly fees to the Michigan Humane Society, the animal welfare organization selected by S3 to be the beneficiary of all donated funds.

“One of the core pillars of S3’s community engagement is supporting animal welfare, and, with our Detroit office consuming over 45 pounds of coffee every month, our partnership with Ground & Hounds will certainly benefit the animals served by MHS. Partnering with Grounds & Hounds is one more example of how corporations can leverage their day to day investments to benefit the communities in which they operate,” said Cindy Pasky, our CEO.

Here’s a little background. Grounds & Hounds was founded in 2014 by Jordan Karcher, who built his company on his love for premium coffee and his compassion for abandoned animals in need of loving homes. One-fifth of all sales from G&H coffee are donated to selected animal rescue partners across the country, and thanks to their partnership with S3, the Michigan Humane Society will become the first organization in Michigan to benefit from G&H’s sponsorship program.

“S3 is our first large corporate client in Michigan, and the Michigan Humane Society will also be our first donation recipient in the state,” said Karcher, founder and CEO of Grounds & Hounds Coffee Co. “We are thrilled to establish a stronger presence in Michigan by working with a company that has been striving to make a positive impact in the Detroit animal rescue community for so many years.”

We have been a community partner and major sponsor of the Michigan Humane Society for over a decade, also donating thousands of service hours annually and maintaining an active presence on the MHS Board of Directors. Currently, S3 Chairman Paul Huxley serves as vice chair of the MHS board and chair of its Hope is Building committee, supporting fundraising efforts for the organization’s new Detroit facility.

“Strategic Staffing Solutions continues to be amazing partners and supporters of the Michigan Humane Society and a true voice for the animals of Southeast Michigan,” said Matthew Pepper, president and CEO of the Michigan Humane Society.

S3 always makes an intentional effort to connect with partners whose priorities align with our efforts to cultivate and demonstrate good corporate citizenship. Entrepreneurship that combines animal welfare with a high-quality and socially responsible product is a model that we’re very familiar with, and we’re proud to support that in any way we can.

HOT JOB: Infrastructure Project Manager in Hartford, CT

random-infrastructure-backgroundWe have an opportunity for an Infrastructure Project Manager with one of our clients in Bloomfield, CT. They are looking to fill this position as soon as possible so we are accepting resumes now.

Specific Areas of Responsibility:

  • Manages multiple complex projects simultaneously; some are enterprise project management (EPM) assignments where the PM will be responsible for all project delivery teams across IT, and some are ISG-only projects partnering with application project teams.
  • Ensures all projects, directly assigned to PM and oversight of team members’ projects, are delivered on time and within budget, adhere to high quality standards, and meet customer expectations
  • Leads diverse teams and navigates a variety of reporting relationships and matrix resources across ISG and IT
  • Ensures projects are delivered on time and within budget, adhere to high quality standards, and meet stakeholder expectations
  • May manage and direct one or more project teams, establishes role expectations for all ISG project team members, and provides performance feedback to resource managers of all project resources
  • Creates and manages ongoing project plans, schedules and budgets, and oversees project team members’ artifacts to ensure consistency and quality
  • Understands project objectives, business and customer impacts, and provides context to ISG project team members to ensure alignment of priority and critical decisions throughout the project lifecycle
  • Responsible for the quality and timely delivery of all project artifacts within the collection of projects assigned to the team


  • 7+ years of IT work experience, including 4 or more years managing projects in a management, supervisory or team lead capacity
  • Demonstrated experience delivering complex projects on time and at or under budget
  • Exemplary Project Management skills including scope management, capacity planning, project scheduling and tracking documents
  • Extensive knowledge and expertise in the use of Project Management methodologies and tools such as MS Project, with a focus on infrastructure project delivery in support of infrastructure roadmaps
  • Demonstrated experience with infrastructure project management including consolidation, migration and refresh projects
  • Strong financial acumen, proven ability to connect the linkages of the project results to the financial and business benefits
  • Demonstrated ability in change management techniques

Working with us you are eligible for a full benefits package that may include:

  • Medical Insurance
  • Dental Insurance
  • Vision Insurance
  • 401(k) Plan
  • Vacation Package
  • Technical Training
  • Visa Sponsoring / Transfer
  • Retention Bonus

To apply, send resume to Marvin Daugherty, Sourcing Specialist, at mdaugherty@strategicstaff.com, or @ (210) 278-3787 for more details.  Get the job!