S3 Salutes Our Friends and Partners in Lithuania on the 25th Anniversary of Restoration of Independence



S3 is proud to join all our friends and partners in Lithuania in celebrating the 25th anniversary of the restoration of the country’s independence. The occasion was marked in Washington, DC this week by a meeting between U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry and Lithuanian Foreign Minister Linas Linkevicius.

Lithuania’s strategic partnership with the U.S. reflects the shared values and deep bonds between the two nations, especially in our commitment to freedom, democracy and economic opportunity. S3’s first international office opened in Lithuania more than fifteen (15) years ago, and our investments there have expanded as Lithuania has emerged as a politically stable, free-market economy, especially after becoming full members of the European Union and NATO in 2004.

Most importantly for investors and companies, Lithuania offers a wide range of highly-skilled and motivated talent in Europe. More and more global companies are discovering the well-educated workforce … in all areas of IT to finance and multi-lingual administrative roles … in Lithuania and making it part of their international footprint. For the past decade, S3 has helped clients establish and grow Shared Service Centers in Lithuania as a real alternative to traditional out-sourcing in South Asia. Plus, Lithuania is a very enjoyable place to visit and to work.

Some of the things we love about doing business in Lithuania:

  • Approximately 93% of Lithuanians have a secondary degree or other form of higher education, including leading rates of graduates in math and science in all of the European Union
  • Nearly half the population speaks at least two (2) languages – one S3 client operates a regional (Europe) financial center of excellence with employees able to conduct business in twenty-two (22) languages
  • The country has the world’s second fastest broadband, along with an sound infrastructure
  • It has low corporate tax rates and ranked #1 for competitiveness growth in the E.U.
  • The investment promotion agency, Invest Lithuania, makes it very easy to learn about and start-up a business

S3 has also expanded and deepened our commitment to Lithuania. In addition to helping more than 1,900 Lithuanians start new careers with our clients in Vilnius and Kaunas, S3 has made significant investments in business-promotion and community-related organizations to strengthen the ties between Lithuania, the U.S., and, increasingly, the United Kingdom. S3 CEO Cindy Pasky is the Founding Chair of the American-Lithuanian Business Council (ALBC), and serves on the Investor Advisory Committee of the Government of Lithuania, where she is regularly a keynote speaker. In 2014, she received the Global Lithuanian Leaders Award for 2013 from the Global Lithuanian Leaders for her involvement in investing in and promoting Lithuania. S3, with the ALBC, has been a leading advocate of labor code reform that we believe will lead to more investment and more jobs in Lithuania.

S3 is especially proud to have recruited Lithuanians to return home from more than seven (7) countries for jobs with our clients. And, S3 organizes recruitment events in different locations, from London to Los Angeles, to encourage more Lithuanians to return home for job. We are always looking for great people who are looking for new career opportunities with global companies at home in Lithuania.

Additionally, S3 has sponsored a wide range of charitable, community-building activities and organizations, including:

  • ExCel high-school exchange program that enables Lithuanian students to spend an academic year in the U.S.
  • Internships, in partnership with our clients and partners, S3 actively promotes and sponsors intern work-experience programs in Lithuania
  • In 2014, S3 sponsored the 30-member Mosaic Youth Choir of Detroit to visit Lithuania and perform in front of capacity crowds at free public concerts in Vilnius and Marijampole

S3‘s work in Lithuania is led by a dedicated (and long-serving) management team – including Country Manager Mantas Paskevicius (8 years), Vice President Jeff Nelson (8 years) and Executive Vice President Denise Kurowski (24 years) – who share Cindy Pasky’s vision and passion for creating new opportunities for all Lithuanians.

We are very proud of our strong ties to Lithuania, and we salute our brave and brilliant friends and partners in Lithuania on the 25th anniversary of the restoration of their freedom.

Cindy Pasky Awarded For Investing And Promoting Lithuania

Jeff Nelson (L), Cindy Pasky (R) and Denise Kurowski (R) in Lithuania

Jeff Nelson (L), Cindy Pasky (R) and Denise Kurowski (R) in Lithuania

Recently, Cindy Pasky was awarded the Global Lithuanian Leaders Award for her involvement in investing and promoting Lithuania.

Below, you’ll find a video produced that highlights some of the accomplishments of Strategic Staffing Solutions International since it opened in the country in 1999.

Here’s a translation of the voiceover of the video as well as the video, as the narrator is speaking in Lithuanian.

Laureate of Global Lithuanian Awards 2013 – Cynthia J. Pasky For Investment Attraction

For the promotion and formation of a positive image of Lithuania to potential investors to set up representative offices in Lithuania and starting up her own company, Strategic Staffing Solutions International, in Kaunas in 1999. After assembling several advertising programs it did not take her long to prove to the foreign investment companies that Lithuania has it all. Smart people, a growing economy, quality education, arts and a super location.

There are many success stories. Their 1000+ jobs brought back from overseas helped talented Lithuanians.

Cindy, along with President Valdas Adamkus and the US Ambassador, and her supported initiative of the ExCEL program, enable 10-plus high school kids from Lithuania to come to the best schools in the US to study for one school year.

For enriching Lithuania with foreign investment and good experiences, we thank & award Cynthia Pasky, Strategic Staffing Solutions founder, president and CEO.

Family roots lead to success and fostering investment in Lithuania

Fifteen years ago Strategic Staffing Solutions decided to go international but where to start. Europe for sure … but where?

S3’s founder Cindy Pasky looked her roots. Her grandparents were from Kaunas, Lithuania, and came to Detroit in 1911. She grew up hearing them speak Lithuanian and cook traditional dishes. She visited the country’s capital, Vilnius, for the first time in 1996, while on a cultural tour with the Detroit Symphony Orchestra. At that time Lithuania had been an independent country for just six years. It declared itself an independent political state, free of Soviet Union rule. The Soviets seized the Baltic State 1939 and continued to control it after World War II.

Vilnius AerialPasky saw the possibilities and in 1999 opened S3I (the I stands for international) in Lithuania. That country was chosen because of what it could offer S3. Being part of Pasky’s heritage was an added bonus. Geographically, Lithuania could serve S3’s customers in the Baltic and Nordic States and throughout Europe. The decision was a good one. As Lithuania developed as a country its fast growing economy and membership in the European Union and NATO allowed S3 to expand its customer support across Europe.

Originally, S3 helped Lithuanians find professional opportunities in Scandinavia and the U.S. After 2004, it re-oriented the business to attract foreign investors to discover and hire Lithuania’s exceptional talent at home. S3 invested significantly in international promotion programs – often in partnership with Invest Lithuania – hiring and training a staff that could effectively promote Lithuania to S3 clients in the U.S. and the UK.

Today, S3I provides services to companies in the Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Latvia, Poland, Russia, Slovakia and Sweden. The company offers its customers system development services, information technology (IT) consulting and staffing services and customized project solutions. In the past four years, S3I has placed more than 1,800 consultants with major companies in the region.

As it does with every community in which it does business, S3 is committed to helping Lithuania move forward. Following are several examples of the company’s contributions to Lithuanian business, science, arts and culture:

  • In 2012 agreed to serve as the founding chair of the American Lithuanian Business Council; other Council members include Chevron, Western Union, ThermoFischer Scientific, Exelon and Philip Morris International
  • Regularly partners with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Embassy of Lithuania in Washington, DC, as well as the U.S. Embassy in Vilnius, on a variety of public and civic affairs programs
  • During the past five years brought young Lithuanians who left for work abroad back to Lithuania for career opportunities with clients in Vilnius and Kaunas and has recruited Lithuanians from seven different countries and regularly sponsors recruitment events and activities outside of Lithuania – from London to Copenhagen to Chicago and beyond
  • Invested significantly in international programs – often in partnership with Invest Lithuania – to promote Lithuania to S3 clients in the US and the UK
  • For the last five years has been the leading sponsor of the American Baltic Celebration annual awards gala in Washington, DC
  • Was the largest private company (financial) sponsor of the American Chamber of Commerce-supported US Trade Mission to Lithuania
  • Is the lead sponsor of the ExCel High School Exchange program, which brings Lithuanian students to the US to study for one year
  • Helped establish innovative professional training programs, such as the Mainframe Academy designed by an S3 client with Vilnius University, to provide skills and jobs to students willing to learn a specialized and high-demand skill
  • Supports a series of World Music performances, including American performers and others, for its third season in 2014.
  • Has been a leading sponsor of the opera in Vilnius
  • Is a major donor to an orphanage in the town of Pabrade, providing financial support and volunteer days by staff

These accomplishments and contributions were the reason Pasky, S3’s president and CEO, received the Global Lithuanian Award for Attraction of Investments in 2013 from the Global Lithuanian Leaders (GLL) in early January.

Cynthia Pasky is directly responsible for significant achievements in attracting foreign investment to Lithuania, creating a positive brand for Lithuania in the world, and educational and professional development of Lithuanian talent,” said Kotryna Stankutė-Jaščemskienė, director of Global Lithuanian Leaders. “She and her company have been passionate and steadfast champions of Lithuania in the world. They have earned huge respect in the local business community and with the prominent leaders who nominated her for the award. GLL is more than happy that the Global Lithuanian Awards created the opportunity to acknowledge and reward Cynthia Pasky and other global Lithuanians for the promotion of Lithuania in the world.”

Dalia Grybauskaitė and Cindy Pasky

President of Lithuania Dalia Grybauskaitė (left) with Strategic Staffing Solutions CEO Cindy Pasky (right)

That commitment earned Pasky and S3 significant stature among Lithuanians and Lithuanian business. The award was presented to Pasky by the President of Lithuania Dalia Grybauskaitė for the contributions she and S3 have made to the development of Lithuanian business, science, arts and culture.

“It is indeed an honor to receive this award, but it is not about what I have done,” said Pasky. “It is about what the S3 team has done not only to further our business in Lithuania but also to give back to the Lithuanian community.”

Not content to just say thank you, each year, Pasky brings the entire S3 International team from Lithuania to Detroit for a week of training and development…and a traditional American Thanksgiving dinner, which she prepares personally and serves to the team in her home.