Cindy Pasky Awarded For Investing And Promoting Lithuania

Jeff Nelson (L), Cindy Pasky (R) and Denise Kurowski (R) in Lithuania

Jeff Nelson (L), Cindy Pasky (R) and Denise Kurowski (R) in Lithuania

Recently, Cindy Pasky was awarded the Global Lithuanian Leaders Award for her involvement in investing and promoting Lithuania.

Below, you’ll find a video produced that highlights some of the accomplishments of Strategic Staffing Solutions International since it opened in the country in 1999.

Here’s a translation of the voiceover of the video as well as the video, as the narrator is speaking in Lithuanian.

Laureate of Global Lithuanian Awards 2013 – Cynthia J. Pasky For Investment Attraction

For the promotion and formation of a positive image of Lithuania to potential investors to set up representative offices in Lithuania and starting up her own company, Strategic Staffing Solutions International, in Kaunas in 1999. After assembling several advertising programs it did not take her long to prove to the foreign investment companies that Lithuania has it all. Smart people, a growing economy, quality education, arts and a super location.

There are many success stories. Their 1000+ jobs brought back from overseas helped talented Lithuanians.

Cindy, along with President Valdas Adamkus and the US Ambassador, and her supported initiative of the ExCEL program, enable 10-plus high school kids from Lithuania to come to the best schools in the US to study for one school year.

For enriching Lithuania with foreign investment and good experiences, we thank & award Cynthia Pasky, Strategic Staffing Solutions founder, president and CEO.