An exclusive interview with one of S3’s Defenders of the Green, Cathy Grant

By Alisha Dixon

Cathy GrantAlmost one month after gathering at S3’s corporate headquarters in Detroit, members of the elite Defenders of the Green sat down with the Communications Team to discuss their success, the steps they took to achieve it and what it’s like to be a leader in the field of recruiting.

Our first interview was with Cathy Grant, a senior technical recruiter with Team West Coast who has been with S3 for 10 years. Learn more about Cathy below!

Q: What’s the secret to your success and what sets you apart?

Cathy: I would probably say persistence. Typically, I work an order until it’s filled, not just until it’s covered. Sometimes you can work an order until it’s covered; meaning you have 4 or 5 candidates that you feel good about. Then there is ensuring that in the event a candidate is rejected, I work until the position is the filled. For me, it’s not just a matter of having candidates, it’s about filling the role. I don’t know if that really sets me apart. I really just think it’s my work ethic and that has paid off.

Q: Can you offer one tip to your fellow S3ers?

Cathy: Time management is key. Try to structure your day as tightly as possible and stay on course with that schedule the next day. It’s important to not to get distracted by too much outside of what you’re trying accomplish.

Q: What gives you the most satisfaction in your job?

Cathy: Winning a position for the candidate!

Q: Name a challenge you faced and how did you overcome it?

Cathy: One of the most challenging situations I’ve faced was probably in my first and second years here. At that time, I was on Team Atlanta and there really was not a lot of business. I had to figure out new ways to find and fill positions. As a result, I looked to fill roles in other markets and subsequently, most of my closes and wins were out of branch. That was a big challenge because I spent that time just working out of branch and that was difficult because of time zones and having to work out of market. That experience taught me how to acclimate anywhere quickly because one day I was doing something in Boston and the next day I was working something in Texas. Having to work all of those markets and still get the hires was very challenging.

Q: What’s your next big goal?

Cathy: To make Club this year for sure! And to consistently make Club every year. In addition to Club, there are five account managers that we’re supporting and I would like to have a steady flow of hires with each of them.

Q: What does Green mean to you?

Cathy: S3 and how good it has been to me! I’m very proud of that! I’m happy when I see it everywhere and I just think it’s an awesome company to work for. Green also means go. There’s nothing stopping you from doing well while representing S3 in the right way.

Please look forward to next week’s profile of Wendy Long, senior technical recruiter, Team Motown about her success as a recruiter and being a member of the Defenders of the Green.